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Stoll India distributes and markets the machinery and equipments manufactured at the production headquarters of Stoll GmbH & Co. KG in Germany. All these products have a stamp of quality, and represent the high-end technology adopted in the development process. The entire product and service portfolio of Stoll GmbH & Co. KG revolves around CMS machines.Our technology suite and product range is consistent with ISO 9001 quality standards along with the inherent CE conformity of our CMS machines. Thus the whole range of equipments, accessories and auxiliary components that we distribute, are ergonomically designed while ensuring a high degree of mechanical efficiency at the same time.

Stoll-Machines enable you to cope with any knittng order-from yard goods to accessories and fully fashion right through to ready-to-wear garments.Our machines fit into your production organization as if they had been tailor-made for the job: the Basic Class is our economic miracle for small production lots, while the Compact Class offers maximum efficiency and special features for Fully Fashion. The Top Class copes with bulk orders, while the Special Class Produces ready -to- wear garments and can cope with any special requirements.All Stoll - machines are fully compatible and highly flexible.This means that individual parts can even be produced on different machines, thanks to the identical loop information on all stoll -machines.

The name Stoll stands for the perfect combination of machines and fashion.we have long since enjoyed a reputation as more than just a producer of flat knitting machines. At the Stoll-Fashion-Center, we can be daily knitting away at the trends of the future, which we present at international trade fairs. Join us on a"guided tour" of our fashion sector.

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